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Why grow natural hair
Why Should I Grow My Natural Hair?
You love seeing people wear out their natural hair, seeing the various styles you can rock with your natural hair
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Deep Conditioning
Transitioning, Deep Conditioning, and Detangling
Welcome to another educative session on Natural Hair Care 101. Today we will be tackling three topics (Transitioning, Deep Conditioning
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Big Chop
Big Chop: Why Should you do it?
There are several reasons some might decide to do a big chop. You might have also been hearing about big
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Bloody scalp
Why Tight Braids Cause Bumps
If you are a fan of braids, bumps should have become a normal phenomenon now. However, have you ever wondered
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Toria Bulley
LUKY with Toria Bulley
Today in our LUKY “Let Us Know You” session in December 2019, we met with an amazing individual, Toria Bulley
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Wear your Hair better during Cold weather
Whether it is harmattan, fall or winter, the cold weather poses challenges for natural hair. Lack of the right natural
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What is Pre poo?
You must have heard about pre poo and wondered what is pre poo. This natural hair care treatment helps contribute
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