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Wear your Hair better during Cold weather

Whether it is harmattan, fall or winter, the cold weather poses challenges for natural hair. Lack of the right natural hair care routine this season can lead to several hair issues. These issues include hair breakage, dry hair, dull hair, split ends and more. All this is due to the drop in temperature. We can’t stop the weather from being cold (we ain’t God). However, we can reduce its negative effect on our hair. Let discuss nine things to do to reduce the negative side effects of the cold weather on your hair.

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Natural Hair Care tips for your hair during the cold weather

PrePoo is a must:

Perhaps you have not been on and off with your prepoo treatment, during the cold weather, your hair needs that extra moisture so don’t skip out on your prepoo treatment. Prepoo oil treatment is most recommended during this period.

More finger detangling, less combing:

Cold weather leads to dry hair, the drier the hair the harder it is to comb. You should note that in the colder season you are likely to shed more hair. So instead of combing out the knots and tangles in your hair, detangle and put less stress on the hair.

Protective Styling all the way:

Protective styles simply refer to low manipulation styles that protect the ends of your hair by tucking it away. Examples are Bantu knots, Braids, Flat twist styles, Crotchet braids, Twisted updos and more.

Seal the ends of your hair:

 To reduce splits ends and breakage seal the ends of your hair with sealants such as oil or Shea butter. Keep in mind that some oils harden in colder temperatures so it is best to use an oil that stays liquid at room temperatures like jojoba oil and olive oil.

Get your oil and water mixture ready in a spray bottle:

This is for when your hair feels dry, lacks moisture or loses its shine. Be sure to shake the mixture well before use and apply to the scalp and hair ends(if it isn’t tucked away).

Spray Bottle for moisturizing

Reduce heat application:

Reduce the use of heat on your hair during this period or ensure you use heat protection products.

Deep Condition your hair:

Deep conditioning your hair helps to give your hair the ingredients it needs to grow and look its best. When you deep condition, you provide your hair with sufficient moisture and nutrients which is what your hair desperately needs during winter. Try to ensure that you use deep conditioners that contain natural ingredients for best results.

Don’t neglect your silk/satin:

Silk/Satin Bonnets have been the rave with the natural hair movement as they keep your hair moisturized and in check as you sleep when you use a satin/silk pillowcase or bonnet. In the winter weather after all the effort to keep your hair moisturized and maintain it volume don’t make your efforts worthless by sleeping without a silk/satin pillowcase or bonnet.

Avoid Frequent hair washing:

Washing your hair strips your hair of its natural oils and nutrients which are what makes our hair grow and remain healthy washing our too frequently can lead to splits and breakage. Now look at this information carefully, during cold weather our hair loses moisture(which contains its hair oils that supply nutrients to the hair), so some of what the hair needs to grow is lost, washing the hair strips the hair of its oil and nutrients which means every time we wash, our hair loses more of what it needs to grow.

Frequently washing the hair is bad but frequently washing the hair in cold weather would have more negative effects on the hair than it has in warmer weather. If you used to wash your hair every day when it was warm, reduce it to washing it every 2 or 3 days if you used to wash your hair every week perhaps wash your hair every 1 ½ week in the cold weather.


If you are able to carry out at least half of tips, your hair would be shiny, healthy and moisturized despite the weather. If you are wondering how to make any of the protective styles mentioned earlier. You can type the “how to make” plus the name of hairstyle on Google. You would find videos or picture steps on how to make the hairstyle yourself. Keep your hair moisturized during this season and don’t forget to use your satin/silk bonnet when you want to sleep.

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