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Big Chop: Why Should you do it?

There are several reasons some might decide to do a big chop. You might have also been hearing about big chop and do not know what it’s all about. We would have a little chat about what its all about.

What is Big chop?

Big chop is simply cutting a large chunk of your hair off. This is done by cutting off all the relaxed hair, leaving only the beautiful growth which is the natural hair.

There are two popular ways to return natural; Transitioning and Big chop, however, Big Chop is the easiest way to go about this. This is why Big Chop is such an important topic.

Big chop is somewhat like a ‘reset’ button. So many naturals have attested to the fact that it helps to free the mind when you let go and start afresh. This also gives you the opportunity to experience all the different stages of hair growth.

This is an emotional experience and I know what it really means to take this decision.

Complete guide on how to big chop by yourself

There are two ways to go about Big Chop. You can do it yourself or ask someone which can be a stylist or a friend to help with. However, if you are like me, you would probably want to do it yourself. If it’s been long you relaxed your hair and you have significant growth of natural hair, then the process of Big Chop should be quite easy to do yourself.

We advise that if you want to get a very good result in the growth of your hair in future, you should go for a very distinctive cut as shown below.

comparing hair before big chop

Regardless of the length, you are getting off, just make sure you completely get rid of the relaxed texture at the end. By looking at a mirror you can identify the difference between the texture at the end(relaxed) and at the root (natural).

To get started, you need a few things to help you get a good cut.

A large mirror

A sharp Scissor (emphasis on the sharp)

A wide-tooth comb.

How to do the Chop Yourself

Step 1: Separate your hair into four sections using the wide-tooth comb. Two sections at the front by the side of the head and two at the back by the side of the head. In total, you will have four sections. Make sure you have not applied anything to your hair. Just its original state.

Step 2: When you finally get the sections done, identify the line that separates, your relaxed hair and natural hair. This is the part you want to target. You can now apply your favourite moisturizer to your hair.

You can check out our Moisturizer collection here to see which one fits with your hair.

Step 3: After moisturizing, you would definitely, see the big difference between your natural hair and relaxed hair. The texture would be very obvious. This would help you to identify better where to cut from.

Step 4: Take your scissors, and start from the front section. If you are a right-y, it’s best you start from your right. Take a little portion of the first section, and cut from the region you identify as a demarcation between your natural hair and relaxed hair.

Step 5: Check out the result in the mirror, if you are okay with it Repeat this process for the rest of the section.

After a successful cut, you would have achieved a perfect Big Chop.


Why Big Chop?

  • Hair Breakage and Split ends: If you are experiencing split ends and hair breakage, it might be the best time to take the scissors or clipper and go through with a big chop. In most cases, these issues arise because the hair has lost its original texture and can no longer survive the stress from combing and manipulation.
  • New Look: It is not every time; you want to be styling and doing long braid. Sometimes, you just want to get out with a very low hair, forgetting about the worries of life. This brings a new look and you become easily noticeable.
  • Time: If you find yourself having limited time to properly care for your long hair, doing a big chop can help you cut back on the time you spend on hair care.

What happens after the Chop?

Choose or revise hair routine:

When your hair starts growing after a big chop, definitely, you need to revise your hair routine. The new hair grows when properly maintained. So, it’s important to plan a hair regimen before and after the big chop. Keeping the new hair growth properly moisturized and conditioned protects and keep it as healthy as possible. It also prepares you for any hair texture change that can occur.

You may not be familiar with your natural hair if you have chemically treated hair for several years. So, the big chop stage would help you find out if your hair is arid, or retains moisture well. There are myriad of excellent moisturizing conditioning and styling products that may work better than the products you are used to using.

New Hairstyle Choices

A simple hairstyle choice

After a big chop, you should begin to make a research about new hairstyles to choose.

When it comes to hairstyles, the sassy options and fun available are limited only by your imagination, selecting from a wide variety from TWAs to fades and everything in between, big chop hairstyles are liberating and bring fuss-free style to your beauty regimen.

A Super short style can be cut to compliment the shape of your face and bring out your best features. There is an option to rock defined curls, teeny Bantu knots and braids bringing you a step closer to your best beautiful features or if you have been devoting an entire day to caring for your hair as most women do, you might fall in love with the drastic cut in the time it takes caring for a big chopped hair. As your hair grows switching up your hairstyles freshen up your looks and delivers versatility. With so much gorgeous looks available the big chop won’t seem like a big deal after all.

Advantage of Doing the Chop

It saves a lot of money from having to buy products for two hair types, basically letting you care for one hair texture only.

Great confidence overwhelms you and that once drastic decision after the big chop can change to something liberating and freeing, knowing that you took a step becoming natural.

Final Thought

Big chop is an emotional experience, be sure to speak with close friends, or your partner before taking the final step.

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