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Ajao Jadesola
LUKY with Ajao Jadesola.
Today in our LUKY “Let Us Know You” session in December 2019, we met with an intelligent individual, Ajao Jadesola
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homemade moisturizers
Homemade Moisturizer for Hair
Making homemade moisturizer for hair helps to cut cost. Hair moisturizers are your go-to when your hair lacks moisture. When
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How to Make Homemade Shampoo
Have you ever thought of homemade shampoo? Perhaps after hearing things like “B ingredient is harmful to your hair don’t
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Lice on the hair: The best way to deal with it.
Lice on the hair? Let’s talk about it. When you hear lice on hair what comes to mind? Bugs that
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What Causes Dandruff?
Let’s talk about the most common problems found with many natural hair, dandruff. In this article, we will learn about
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Natural Hair Problems you might encounter
Hair problems series 2 We have discussed hair issues like shrinkage, dandruff, hair breakage and their solutions. If you missed
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Natural Hair Problems you might encounter [Hair Problem Series]
Whenever you face natural hair problems, just know you are not alone and there is always a solution
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Eveh Ogban
LUKY with Eveh Ogban.
Today in our LUKY “Let Us Know You” session in December 2019, we met with a very inspiring diva, Eveh
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Choosing the right Natural Hair Products
Understanding your Hair Type Series 2 We have talked about the different hair types in the first Series, if you
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Types of Hair? The Ultimate Guide.
Series 1 There are different types of hair available and the best classification is done using the curly structure of
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