Natural Hair School for all levels

Learn all you have to know about Natural Hair in our up-to-date Natural Hair School and get grounded in the knowledge of hair treatment.

We advise that you gain in-depth knowledge of your hair so that you take charge of the natural. We have prepared a simple course to get you started.

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Quick Info

We have arranged the courses in a way that you can follow through and become an expert at the end. Therefore, if you have any questions about the school, feel free to speak with us. It would be great to hear from you.

Why should you go through this school?

The best way to take of something is to have a holistic knowledge about it. A little knowledge here and a little knowledge helps, however, you would find it hard overcoming some hair challenges during your journey and trust me, it will come. Hence, the need for thorough knowledge. This works with hair also. We figured out that there is no standard school where a new hair enthusiast can go to learn about natural hair from scratch, so we built ours.

If after going through any of the courses, you find that some information is missing, please free to contribute by contacting us on WhatsApp or email [email protected]. It would help a lot of people. Furthermore, we would add you to the list of contributors.

Course Outline for Natural Hair School

Natural hair 101:

The topics featured here include:

  1. Reasons to Return Natural
  2. Understanding HairType and Choosing Natural Hair Products
  3. Transitioning, Deep Conditioning, Detangling
  4. Beginners guide to Prepoo
  5. Beginners guide to Hair Care Routine
  6. Different Hairstyle technique for Natural Hair
  7. Natural Hair Maintenance culture

Natural Hair Care 102:

  1. Hair issues You might encounter
  2. Dealing with Edge issues
  3. DIY Conditioner
  4. DIY Shampoo
  5. DIY Moisturizer

Special Note

You can shop for natural hair products made by enthusiasts like you. We have carefully selected these products to meet different hair requirements.