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Why Tight Braids Cause Bumps

If you are a fan of braids, bumps should have become a normal phenomenon now. However, have you ever wondered why tight braids cause bumps? There are several reasons why this might be, let us have a quick discussion.

Hair Structure

Hair structure showing hair root, follicle and cuticle
Hair Structure

To understand how tight braids cause bumps, let us first discuss, hair structure. From our basic biology class, we understand that the hair has a complex root structure held together in a follicle (trying not to go into any science-y stuff here). Simply, it’s like a tree, with roots. The nutrient goes from the root to the top part of the hair. I hope you get the picture. When anything happens (like an injury) to the root structure, definitely there would be an issue with the distribution of nutrients and other processes.

This injury is what leads to many skin-related inflammations an example of which is braid bumps.

How Tight Braids Cause Bump

Along the process of getting your hair done, there is bound to be stress on the root structure of each hair strands. As we have discussed earlier, this disturbance causes what we call Inflammation (which is a reaction to an injury). The scalp reacts to this and becomes swollen around the hair strand.

Factors That Influence How Tight Braid cause Bumps

Sensitive Scalp

If you have a very sensitive scalp, it would react easily to the slightest disturbance to the hair structure. Even the best braid stylist does your hair, you will still experience bumps on scalp from braids.

tight braids that cause bumps
An example of a tight braid

Amateur Hair Stylist

An amateur hairstylist does not have the experience to handle hair properly to avoid inflammation. Furthermore, braiding is an art that requires and gentleness and these are the attributes of a professional hairstylist.

Styling your Braid Too Tightly

Your braid may not be tight, but when you style it into a bun or any other style, you might put extra tension on the scalp in the process. Let your scalp be free, do not over demand from it

How to Tackle Bumps from Tight Braids

Style your Braid Less

Be more careful with how you manipulate your braids. Also, you may check out other styles that are less strenuous to the scalp. This is important so that you are sure that your scalp can handle the pressure before going ahead with the style. When you manipulate your braid too often, you eventually put more stress to your scalp.

Loosen the tight braids

The first step is to loosen the braid causing the bump. Also, if the bumps are many, just lose everything all together as soon as possible. If you leave it for days, you might begin notice puss coming out from the bumps

How to Treat Bumps From Tight Braids

To be sincere, you really do not have to take medication or go all too fancy on the therapy. Braid bumps do go on their own. However, to ease the process, you should checkout some of the list I have prepared.

Treat with oil

You can use a light organic oil to treat bumps from tight braids. All you need to do is to apply to the affected region. That’s all. However, you can decide to gently massage it in if you want the oil to seep in quickly into your scalp.

Examples of light oils are Olive oil and coconut oil. You can also check out our collections of oil products here.

Braids with clear region
A nicely done braid

Stay away from braids

Yes someone have to say it. You should stay away from braids and allow your scalp heal. This can be a tough choice but this will be helpful to you. If you cannot do without it – I mean – if your career depends on it, then you might want to consider other options listed

Do not break them

You might be tempted to break the bumps, maybe because of impulse or you do not like seeing the bumps, however, you should not even think of breaking the bumps. The reason is, if you have a sensitive skin, the broken part could take time to seal up or become a wound.

The good thing about our body is that it already has its own reset mechanism that tries to normalize all abnormalities. So just leave your body to work on it.

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