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Why Should I Grow My Natural Hair?

You love seeing people wear out their natural hair, seeing the various styles you can rock with your natural hair also amazes you, you especially admired that sister with black, silky, long natural hair but you are still saying “I would like to grow natural hair BUT..” or you just need that extra push. This article is for you, if you have also started your natural hair journey and you need a confirmation that you are on the right part, read on. Here are some few reasons you should go natural.

Lady with Natural Hair
  • Natural hair is flexible

    Want to rock an updo this week and a twist out next week? Go right ahead. Want to rock a completely different look? Go natural. Bantu knots, flat twists, braids puffs, afro, buns, mini twists, the list is endless. You are not restricted to one kind of hairstyle. You can change your style based on your mood, wardrobe, even events all without visiting the salon.
  • Going natural is the healthiest option for your hair:

    Harsh chemicals cause damage to your hair, either immediately or in future so does excesses heat and glue. Whereas going natural allows your hair to flourish in its natural and educating yourself on natural hair will come as a boost to you and your hair because now you know what to do and what not to do to your hair to keep it healthy and undamaged.
  • Natural hair is unique and different:

    When you proudly rock your natural hair you will get compliments, stares, questions about your hair, the products you use, some people might even ask to touch it. This goes to show you how unique natural hair is.
  • Wearing your natural hair makes you look longer:

    if you doubt me, do a quick search on Alicia Keys, Solange Knowles, Viola Davis rocking their natural hair and see how youthful they look especially when you find out their real age.
  • Wearing your natural hair would make you feel empowered:

    Going natural is making a commitment to grow healthier hair and once you take that step, you become proud of every little achievement you have made with regards to your hair. You feel empowered knowing you achieved something amazing and grown healthy and beautiful hair by yourself.
  • You will save money:

    If you combine the amount you spend on buying weaves, braids your hair appointments, your relaxers to what you spend on your natural hair you will see that rocking your natural hair is more cost-effective. I know at the beginning stage maintaining natural hair might seem expensive due to the different products you are trying out on your hair but it is really not. At that beginning stage, you don’t know what works best for your hair so you end up trying different products, but once you have proper understanding of what works best for your hair the number of products you purchase would be lesser unless you are a product junkie (those addicted to buying and trying any natural hair product they come across).
  • You might become so passionate about natural hair that you start a business related to natural hair:

    We have seen this time and time again. A person who was unable to find natural products in her area, learns how to make the products herself then as people keep asking for the products she uses for her hair, she starts making the products in large batches, packages it and sells it for profit, a person who wasn’t able to find helpful information about natural hair starts up a group or page that promotes and educates on natural hair, a person who did not find natural hairstylist in her location, starts up a natural hair salon.
  • Your natural hair will inspire the upcoming generation:

    Little ones are very impressionable so when your kids, nieces, nephews, siblings see you rocking your natural hair they will become inspired to proudly rock their natural hair too. They seeing you rock your own natural hair will further confirm to them that their natural hair is beautiful, that natural hair signifies grace and beauty.

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