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Treatment for hair breakage

treatment for hair breakage

In part one of the article, we explained what hair breakage was, some signs of hair breakage and causes of hair breakage. In this article, we would be looking at the treatment for hair breakage and how to prevent hair breakage in the first place.

Treatments for hair breakage

1. Trim or cut your hair:

Do this to get rid of bad hair ends. Bad ends would ruin the entire hair strands before they fall off so it is better to cut them off instead of leaving them to grow.

If you want to trim your hair ends by yourself you need to identify the section of hair that needs to be cut and the section that is healthy and the best way to do that is to perform a curl test.

Select a small section of your hair and make it damp by spraying water on it. Do a two-strand twist (simply divide that section into two and twist together) and check your ends.

If the ends are tangled or split, trim until the point where your hair form a perfectly shaped curl. Healthy ends don’t tangle nor have they split ends, they are smooth and perfectly curled.

2. Deep condition

Deep Conditioning should not be a once in a new moon thing for your hair or for emergency situations only. It should be included in your hair routine. Whether it is once a week or once a month ensure you deep condition and if you are to deep condition with heat do so minimally. You can check out cool ways to make your own deep conditioners here.

3. Use natural products

As much as possible use products that contain all-natural ingredients and if you can’t be certain that the products used are natural, you can always make your own. Check out our articles on Homemade shampoo, moisturizer, and deep conditioner.

This is important as some products may contain harmful chemicals that cause hair breakage. When experiencing hair breakage you need to pay attention to the hair products you have been using to know which one is causing hair breakage and in cases of hair breakage, it is best to switch to natural products till the hair breakage stops. 

4. Avoid using heat on your natural hair

I know it is faster to dry your hair with a blow dryer and using tools like curling iron just make your hairstyle look so sleek but with exception of heated conditioners on the hair which is protected from heat with a plastic cap, heat will make your hair breakage worse.

You should avoid applying heat on your hair till it is back to normal and your hair is no longer experiencing hair breakage. Also after your hair has fully recovered if you have to use heat on your hair, use a heat protectant and put the heating tool (curling iron, straightener, hairdryer) in a low setting.

5. Moisturize, Moisturize and Moisturize

The LOC method(Liquid Oil and Cream) comes handy at a point like this. Separate your hair into sections, then apply your LOC one after the other.

6. Ensure you seal your hair ends:

When it comes to hair breakage the hair ends are usually the first one to fall off, so to make them stronger and healthier, it is best to seal them with a hydrating protectant such as castor oil. Divide the hair into sections or simply apply the castor oil to the hair ends.

Drinking more water is also a treatment for hair breakage although it is not a fast solution however, it can help.

Hair breakage VS Shedding

Hair breakage occurs when the hair is damaged. Also, the hair can be damaged as a result of styling, splits ends, heat application and more.

Shedding on the hair is a part of the natural hair growth cycle. Strands of hair fall out of the root of the hair with a white bulb at the root of the hair.

Unlike hair breakage which can happen anywhere on the hair strand. Excessive shedding is an indicator that something is wrong somewhere.

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