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What is hair Colouring ?

Hair colouring or hair dyeing is the practice of alternating the hair color.
Major reasons for this are cosmetics, to change to the color regarded as more fashionable, desirable or to restore the original hair color after it has been disclosed by the hairdressing process and sun bleaching. Furthermore, the process can be done professionally with the help of a hairdresser or can be done independently at home. However, hair coloring can be said to have gained popularity in today’s fashion sense.

hair colouring

Reasons for hair colouring?

i. Shine:

Applying a gentle color on the hair can create various hues that reflect light differently which can make the hair seem more vibrant.

ii. Added thickness:

Hair coloring fattens the hair shaft and can make the hair temporarily thicker and more body than the actual size. So, in case you have fine hair, the color will be just fine for you. It adds a coating to your hair that improves and thickens hair structure.

iii. Beautiful and gorgeous results:

A professional touch to the coloring process, done correctly at a good salon will guarantee you getting beautiful, glossy hair within a couple of hours or less- depending on your colour choice.

iv. Customized colors:

You can get your hair coloring done professionally and achieve customized results after consulting a professional hairstylist. The way you can develop a hair color that fully represents your unique personality.

v. Improved appearance:

Hair color treatment is a great way to change your hair, according to your mood and personality. Want to change your looks, you can always enhance your appearance but alternating your hair color.

vi. Protected hair:

Hair color protects actually your hair from environmental hazards like pollution, wind or excessive heat as well as cold due to the coating.

vii. Expression of personality:

Hair color has a way of expressing one’s personality. For instance, artists try different specific colors that represent them and their work.

viii. Stronger hair:

Coloring adds a certain coating on your hair which helps in making the hair stronger. Also, it is a good aid to those who have weak hairs, adding a semi-permanent color can help build hair strength.

ix. Smooth hair:

Color can also help reduce frizzy hair by conditioning it and adding more weight to it and it really keeps your hair smooth and manageable.

Downside of hair colouring

Hair coloring can also be hazardous, here are some disadvantages of hair coloring:

i. Certain chemicals contained in the dye mixture can cause cancer to the skin and internal parts of the body like the bladder.

ii. Some chemicals which might work inappropriately can cause the hair to recede earlier than expected resulting in stunted growth.

How to color your hair.

i. Find your shade: Buying the dye should not be based on how pretty or how nice the dye box is, but finding the right shade. If you want a full shade lighter or darker from your natural hair, a professional help is more preferential, but a little dimension you can do it yourself.
ii. Prep your hair: Do not wash your hair for a few days before coloring it, since your natural oil can help protect the scalp from any chemical in the dye, a three-day-old hair is best to work with. Applying some Vaseline around your hairline and your ears will help to avoid dye stains.
iii. Follow the instructions carefully: Every dye box has its own set of instructions, so be careful to read them before starting off. After the mix-up, wear a pair of gloves and start from the roots. If you want to color the whole hair, you will want to start at the top and pull down through your ends.

Homemade hair colouring techniques

The Kaolin Hibiscus Treatment

This treatment was introduced to us by @natura_essie

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KAOLIN 🌺 HIBISCUS TREATMENT: . Lia was ready getting worked up. After moisturizing her hair,it still got dry. She's a working ass lady,so products were no big deal for her. She got different brands. . Fortunately,she came across a post preaching clay wash. Due to her right schedule,she decided to stick to kaolin clay,which was sold at a local market close to her. According to her research; Kaolin clay draws out toxins from the hair,leaving your scalp clean,and curls on a popping level. Due to the fact her hair was due for some clarifications,her hair no longer holds moisture and her twist out always comes off frizzy. Finally,she tried the clay thing today. 🌺 Boiled some amount of dried hibiscus leaf (swipe) 🌺Crushed the kaolin clay,mix it with the infused Hibiscus juice. 🌺 Mix in a plastic plate,and stir with a plastic spoon. 🌺Apply on scalp and hair.Leave for 30min. Rinse afterwards. Follow up with a moisture dc to keep your hair soft. Because the clay has stripped the hair off every available moisture,it is advised to properly seal in moisture. . Now,Lia feels good. Her hair is back to 'behaving' Other alternatives are: 👍Bentonite clay 👍Rhasssoul clay 👍Acv/clarifying shampoo . PS:her hair is back to being black😁😁😁 Have your tried Kaolin clay or the Ayurveda, HIBISCUS? . . . . #afroluscious #nhdaily #naturalhairrocks #afro #kinkyhairrocks #myhaircrush #healthylifestyle #teamnatural_ #teamnaturalhair #teamnatural #respectmyhair #shortnaturalhair #blackblogger #melanin #photography #streetphotography #hairtip #storyinapicture #unconditionedroots #shortnaturalhair #naturalhairmag #afrocentric #africansgonenatural #naturalhairloves #hair #kinks2curls #hazelsnaturalhair @hazelsnaturalhair @kinkyhairrocks @afrolusciouss

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Steps for Kaolin treatment

*Boil some amount of dried hibiscus leaf

*Crush the kaolin clay, mix it with the infused Hibiscus juice.

*Mix in a plastic plate, and stir with a plastic spoon.

*Apply on scalp and hair. Leave for 30min. Rinse afterward. Follow up with a moisture dc to keep your hair soft.

Because the clay has stripped the hair off every available moisture, it is advised to properly seal in moisture.
Other alternatives for clay include:
👍Bentonite clay
👍Rhasssoul clay
👍Acv/clarifying shampoo

Who can color the hair?

Hair color doesn’t deal with inequality, women, men, girls, boys can color the hair according to the choice of dye and trending fashion but yet hair coloring goes perfectly for some people while for some it doesn’t and here are the main reasons;

i. Those who know the kind of dye to use: Choosing the right dye like earlier said shouldn’t be based on how beautiful a dye box is but on finding the right shade and dye that works perfectly for your hair strands. So if you know just the right type of dye to use, hair coloring is sure good for you.

ii. Less frequent users: The frequency and number of times you color your hair determine if hair coloring is good for you. Also, the American statistics discovered that more frequent users of hair color have a risk of developing bladder cancer over those who don’t.

iii. D.N.A: Genetic makeup also poses a choice in choosing who can do hair coloring. Those with weaker D.N.A should not and even if make sure to give it a professional touch.

iv. Late starters: Earlier dyes contained chemicals such as aromatic amines and organic compounds that could harm the health but the intervention of the FDA, who issued warning about such chemicals which made manufacturers drop it. So if you started dyeing your hair lately be rest assured that hair dyes will work perfectly for you.

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