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Dread Styles you can try out

In part one, I talked about Dread and locs, their origins, how they are made, what they look like, perceptions surrounding them, their differences and similarities. In this article, I will be showing you different dread styles.

This will help if you have been thinking of doing dread on your hair and you need options on how to style it. Also, if you simply want to see various styles of dread and locks this article is for you.


Type of Dreads

How to make instant dreads

Dread styles

There are different types you will come across, however, the best for you depends on your lifestyles and your fashion orientation. Also, you should choose any of the dread types based on your understanding of the maintenance routine. Let us consider some types of dreads that are available to choose from.

1. Short Dreads:

This is perfect for those with short hair (i.e. hair at neck length or shorter). This hairstyle gives you a sassy but chic look and you can part it into a bob cut style. It is easy to care for and this kind of dreads forms in months so you don’t need to wait for long.

Short dread type

2. Braided Dreadlock style:

Whatever length your dreads are, you can braid them to switch up from the traditional dread look. Instead of braiding it as a single braid, you can go with dreads braids. This involves braiding it in sections then braid those sections into a single braid. Here is a picture of a side braided dread.

Dreads braids

3. Wool Dread styles:

This involves wrapping the individual dread in wool. It can be done as a protective style as it prevents frizziness. You can always switch up by using coloured wool. Colours like green and blue are sure to stand out, while colours like black and brown keep things simple.

This kind of dreads style is heavier when wet and take longer to dry in comparison to normal dreads. This style also requires less washing due to how long it takes to dry, dry shampoos can be used with this hairstyle to keep the scalp clean.

green Wool dreadlock style

4. Show Stopping Mohawk Dreads:

If you are looking for a dreads style that will draw attention this is it. To get this look to ensure the dreads are formed down the centre of your scalp. It is best to grow the dreads out to the length you want before shaving the sides of the hair. Once you achieve the look ensure to keep the side shaved as much as is required to maintain that look.

Show Stopping Mohawk Dreadlock style

5. Crinkle Dread styles :

This is a fun dreads hairstyle. And you can get this style by first getting your dreads wet, then braiding it in its wet state. Let it dry in that state then carefully loosen the braids.  Also, your dreads will come out with beautiful kinks and waves in them.

Crinkle Dread style

Dread style

6. The updo and the down-low:

 I will be discussing two different styles because both styles are showcased in the picture below. The updo is a simple style where the dread styles are packed into a bun but some strands are left to frame the face and this style can be found on Chloe(the lady in white) in the picture below.

However, you can make your bun as big and carefree as hers or make yours tighter and smaller. The ‘down-low’ simply means let the locks down without styling it. This hairstyle places more attention to the person’s face than the hair with its simple look. This hairst6is rocked by Halle(the lady in orange).

7. Ponytail locks:

You pack this style the way you would pack your hair into a Ponytail. You can spread the dread tied in the Ponytail around your shoulders to achieve the same look in the picture below.

Ponytail dreads

8. Braided/ Conrowed locks:

Yes, you can braid your dreads the way you would braid your natural hair into any style you wish.

Braided/ Cornrowed dread styles

9. High top dreads

High top dreads are mostly found with men, however, if you love to try something new, you can still get it done.

high top dreads

10. Twisted dread style

The reason for making dreads for many is to protect their hair for long. Imagin you can also twist to increase the protection of your hair. This is where the twisted dreads styles come in. This style works best for long hair.

twisted dreads styles

How to get dreads

There two ways you can go about how to to get dreads. You can employ the service of a professional stylist which will give a good result but will certainly be expensive. You can also go the route of doing it yourself. Follow the step below to learn how to do it.

Steps on how to get dreads Instantly.

This idea is inspired by Chris McDred

Tools used.

1. Comb: for comb twisting.

2. Crotchet 0.60mm: For crotcheting

3. Latchet hook: for interlocking

Products used: Moulding gel. For sectioning. Has nothing to do with hair locking, but gives good results in terms of collecting hair together.

Scalp oil: This can be a blend of light oils to keep the scalp moisturized

Step 1: Clean your hair

The first step is to clean your hair. What is the go-to product for that? Clarifying shampoo. You use clarifying shampoo to remove all the product build-up and do a complete detox of your hair. Make sure you do not add any other product like conditioner

Step 2: Sectioning and twisting

Section your hair in a zigzag manner to give you room to style in different directions. The sectioning and the twisting go together. However, you need a skill to twist. It is quite simple if you can follow the technique shown in the video.

If you have never twisted, you should just try it out on a side of your hair first to see the outcome then improve from there. You will need to apply moulding gel in a balanced manner (not too much or too less). The idea is to twist halfway to get all the dread root sectioned properly

Step 3: Crochet

This is the hardest part of the DIY and it will take a lot of time. This stage is the trick to bypassing the six-month waiting time. If you can master this stage, you get your dreads in just one or two weeks.

Step 4: Interlocking

This is done with the Lacthet hook to lock the dread strands to the root and make the dreads grow out an orderly fashion.


With the various styles shown, I trust that you have gotten inspirations for your next dreads or locks style. Please note that for your very first locks or dread style it is advisable to seek the help of a professional instead of trying to form the locks or dreads yourself.

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