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Different Hair Combs you need for your Routine

When you go through a hairstyle guide and see the name of different hair combs to use, it might be confusing with necessary visual directions.

This article will cover different combs that you can use for your hair routine. I would be discussing different types of combs, their names and their uses.

1. Rat tail comb:

If you read natural hair blogs or you follow natural hair bloggers, you would have definitely heard about this comb as it is very popular in the natural hair community. You would know why in a bit. First, let looks at an image of the rat tail comb.

Plastic rat tail comb
Plastic/metal rat tail hair combs

It comes in two forms, one with plastic tail and ends and the other with metal tail and ends.

Pretty common right?

You can use this comb for separating hair into sections, and straightening the hair before the styling process begins.

2. Wide Tooth Comb:

Another popular comb on natural hair blogs. It looks exactly the way you would have imagined it to look like based on its name. It is very useful for detangling the hair and removing hair knots. Because of its size and its shape, it can detangle a large section of hair at a go. Here is what is it looks like.

wide tooth comb

With this comb, your detangling section will be over before you know it. Using this comb for detangling also ensures lesser split ends due to the wide spaces between to comb’s teeth.

3. Afro pick

Afro pick

If you have African roots, you might have seen this comb in the house you grew up in. The head of this comb was most of the time shaped into a fist. Like the rat tail comb, it comes in two forms, one metal and the other plastic. Also, it is great for wash and go and fluffing your hair. In addition, use this comb gently to avoid giving yourself a headache after combing your hair hard from the roots and may even cause hair damage.

4. Conditioning/Herbal Infused Comb:

These type of combs have been infused with natural oils(such as coconut oil and argan oil), Keratin and herbs that would improve the condition of the hair. Most times the combs look like the image below however you can infuse any type of comb with natural oils and herbs.

Herbal Infused Comb

5. Tortoise Shower Detangler:

As it is said in the name, this comb is perfect for detangling, especially for children or those with sensitive scalps. It can also act as a substitute for finger detangling as it will cover more sections than your fingers will.

Tortoise Shower Detangler

6. Nit Comb:

Remember our article on head lice? This comb is specifically made to remove nits(baby lice) from the hair. They usually have metal teeth so the nit can stick to the comb easily.

When you compare it to other combs there isn’t much space between the comb’s teeth so that it can catch all lice in the section you comb. Here is an image of how a nit comb looks like.

Nit comb


7. Hybrid Combs:

I use the term ‘hybrid combs’ to refer to combs that are the combination of 2 or more different types of comb. This is great for saving money and as long as you know the portion of the comb that suits what you are trying to do on your hair.

Hybrid combs

The comb shown below is a combination of the rat tail comb and the afro pick.


I am certain this article has given you insights as to, the comb name, what it looks like and its special uses. All in all, remember not to avoid over manipulating your hair in the name of combing and restyling to avoid damaging the hair.

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