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How to become an Affiliate with Nathairdiva

We believe in an active community, so we have set up an affiliate program that will help you earn with us.

Step 1: Register with us.

The first step is to register a user account with us here.

Step 2: Visit Account dashboard

Click on the menu bar and a list of menus will pop up.

affiliate account

Click on the Account link to access your dashboard

Step 3: Activate affiliate profile

On your account dashboard click on become an affiliate

account dashboard on nathairdiva

After this, a link will show

Affiliate details

The affiliate code is the code you add to any link you share for our website

For instance, if you want to share our Elan product for people to buy, you can take the product link ( and add the affiliate code after the ? sign and put the ‘&’ sign.

Automate link

With our new automated link, all you need to do is to put the link in the input box and hit the submit button and the link you can share appears

affiliate link on nathairdiva

You can also see the number of clicks that you have gotten so far.

How to get people to use your link

See how people advertise on Facebook groups to get Referrals you too can do the same

  1. Join lots of Facebook group that talks about Natural hair
  2. Advertise there and collect people WhatsApp number
  3. Add them to your WhatsApp group or Invite them to your group
  4. Set your group only Admins to comment to avoid spam.
  5. Add at least over 150 people to your WhatsApp group daily.
  6. Tell them about the products and how it works.
  7. You need to be doing it consistently even when you see no result, just know that there’s a beautiful day ahead.

Terms and Conditions

Click the link below to read the terms and condition

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