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Top 9 4c Hair YouTubers to Follow

Are you just returning natural? Here, you will read about various 4c hair youtubers to follow. It is not enough to follow a natural hair enthusiast but you need to also follow those who have your hair type.
In alphabetical order, we will talk about these amazing ladies

Chizi Duru

Chizi Duru 4c hair youtuber

She is a Nigerian whose vibe you can definetely follow with.

You can check one of her playlists on 4C natural Haircare

Eugenia Kelcy

She shares some tips, DIY and educational insight videos on hair care generally. She uses her experience to teach which is more relatable for her viewers.

You can check out her channel


She is a thriving vlogger with a deep passion for beauty, fashion and self-care, with a special emphasis placed on natural hair. She at started creating content around natural since 2011. Her content is centered around spreading positivity around 4C natural hair and encouraging women to love and accept their beautifully imperfect, authentic selves. She uses her channel to provide a wide variety of in-demand styling tips, educate women on how to properly care for their luscious locks

You can check her Hair Tip & Routine playlist

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