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How to find a hair salon in a new location

Are you moving to a new location or is your hair stylist no longer available? You are now faced with which hair salon to choose next. This can be a very hard decision since many hair salons might be good but they do not have the stylist that knows your hair well. Instead of doing trial and errors, you can follow simple steps to reduce the mistake you make.

Steps to choosing a Salon

Step 1: Search online for natural hair salon near you

Obviously, the first step is to search online: That one is very obvious. Before you can choose from a list of salon, you have to get a list first. This is why we have taken time to bring together many of the salons and we are still updating this list.

Step 2: Determine the style you make the most

Determine the kind of style you will be making most of the time. By knowing this, you will be able to filter out the salons that do not specialize in the style.

Step 3: Check the hair salon website or Instagram page

You should look at their online presence to see how far they have gone and what type of customers they have.

You can even go ahead to chat them up and ask all the questions before you visit the salon


You can use our tool to search your location to see some of the salons we have listed there. We are constantly updating to accomodate new one.

Howeer, if you cannot find, we can direct you to some good ones. Just contact us here.