About us

About NathairDiva

Who are We?

Natural Hair Diva (Nathairdiva.com) is a coterie for natural hair enthusiasts in Africa. We built an encompassing community to foster unity and better communication in the natural hair community

Nathairdiva.com is a product of MindUpgrade Services which is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria with registeration number BN2605652

Our Offerings

We have a marketplace to showcase locally made natural hair products made by hardworking enthusiasts. By shopping with us, you would be supporting locally made natural hair products. We also provide useful information to help enthusiats get a healthy hair journey. We ensure to vet every information from experts before sharing on our platform.

Our Fun activities

We offer a range of fun games and quiz for natural hair divas. Our aim is to bring fun to the industry. You can check here to see what fun activity we have for you


You can also earn money with us, with our affiliate program. You can read more about it here

Vendor Registration

If you have a natural hair product and would love to showcase on Nathairdiva, kindly register here